About us

About us

La Estrella del Jamón is the common name that gather our three brands:
· Sierra Palomera and Sierra Lindón in Teruel.
· Mariano Gómez in Zaragoza.
Our hams are unique because we elaborate them one by one. We select the best raw material, we add the minimum amount of salt possible, and we pamper them during the whole process.

Each ham stays in our natural drying rooms the time it needs to reach its perfect point of maturation. There is no rush in our natural ham cellars, which are strategically located.

We are proud of working patiently, far away from the actual fast rhythm in the food industry. That is the way we continue on with our traditional and artisanal method of curing high quality ham, by respecting their natural maturation process.

Thanks to this philosophy, we can guarantee our clients they are purchasing a ham that keeps the flavor and aroma of a traditional product.


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Entrada-Lobby // Pasillo-Corridor // Secadero-Natural drying room // Salado-Salting // Manteca-Lard application // Corte-Carving