The Family

It all starts
with our grandfather

Gómez family

For more than five decades, the Gómez family has been dedicated to the elaboration of ham. With the incorporation of the third generation, in this family business we have managed to combine the experience of our ancestors with modern elaboration processes.

Away from the current frenetic pace of the industry, we are proud to work slowly. In this way, we continue to produce a ham of the highest quality respecting its natural processes.

Thanks to this philosophy, we can guarantee our customers that they buy a ham in which the flavor and scent of a traditional product prevail.

Natural dryers

Made with little salt, our ham always remains juicy, with a mild flavor and an intense scent favored by a slow curing. The artisanal process and aging in the cellar, manage to preserve its nutritional and organoleptic qualities, remembering the flavor of the best ham of yesteryear.

Our natural dryer, located in the provinces of Teruel (Montreal del campo) and Zaragoza (Fuendetodos and Cuarte de Huerva), have been especially chosen for their geographical and climatic conditions. The cold and dry air of these places make them the ideal places to cure the ham slowly and for a long time.

estrella - Mejor jamón de Teruel

The house where Goya was Born
it was


Fuendetodos is the birthplace of Francisco de Goya, a Spanish painter and engraver and one of the most illustrious Aragoneses of all time. It’s also the city that has seen us grow as a family and as ham teachers.

More than 60 years ago, our grandfather started drying hams. After years of experience, we moved to Fuendetodos, since it was a great place to dry ham due to its height.

We have installed our natural dryer here, in which we make fresh and cured hams in a traditional way, thanks to the climate of the city.

Fuendetodos is best known because the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya y Lucientes was born in one of his houses in 1746.

The Gómez Family

Traditional Processes

History and Taste